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Here at Mzansi Cores we supply to industrial companies and direct to the public.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing quality cardboard cores, plastic products, air shafts and much more. We also stock affordable packaging solutions to suit your everyday needs, from moving boxes, storage boxes, tapes and tape dispensers to bubble wrap and much, much more…

Card board cores

We manufacture according to order as per customer specs.

Plastic Products

Length is cut to your specific request with accuracy and consistency guaranteed. 

Air Shafts

We manufacture, repair faulty & supply Airshaft Spares.

Rewind Tables

Our custom made rewind tables are a cost effective, operator-friendly solution to solve miscounts and provide you piece of mind.

Razor Slitting Blades

We stock various sizes & types of razor slitting blades.

Rotary Blades

Mzansi cores have various rotary blades that are suitable for slitting machine or cutting accessories.

Anilox rollers

Ceramic Anilox Rollers, chrome Anilox Rollers, Anilox Roller Graving, Anilox Roller stands.

flexo rubber products

Our flexography rubber coverings are used for water-based and solvent-based inks..

label slitting machines

All Label Manufacturers require Slitting of Jumbo Rolls to individual Label Rolls.

flexographic printing machines

For photopolymer plates and sleeves, for letterpress and flexo plates: whatever your type of business, Mzansi has the most advanced digital flexo solution.

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