Postal tubes

Postal Tubes 

Suitable for Large format sheets sent through the post, such as a poster or technical drawing where folding is not an option. Roll it up and pop it in one of Mzansi Cores of postal tubes.

Tough cardboard tubes that come with durable end pieces to keep everything inside and keep the weather from your documents.

Product range 
  • Ambassador PT-076-15-0890 Cardboard Postal Tube, 76mm diameter x 890mm (Box of 12)
  • Masterline Postal Tubes – Strong Premium Quality – Size: A1 50mm x 625mm
  • 600mm x 76mm A2 Cardboard Postal Mailing Tube for Posters Artwork Blueprints
  • 25 Black A3 (330mm x 50mm) Cardboard Postal Tubes + End Caps
  • Ambassador Cardboard Postal Tube Box of 12 – 76mm x 610mm diameter
  • 50 White A4 (240mm x 50mm) Cardboard Postal Tubes + End Caps
  • Eco Friendly