Flexo printing press


f8 flexo printing press


Speed 150m/min
Web width 330/430/650/820mm
Repeat length 229mm-610 mm
Max.Unwind diameter 1000 mm
Rewind diameter 1000 mm
Max.Units 12
UV curing power  400 w/inch


 Features Introduction:

1. Build-in dual servo driven system offers more capabilities which makes the operation much easier, stable and eliminates bar making effectively.

2. Short web path design for only 1,5 meter within a printing station can reduce material waste during start-up and job change. Because total footage of a system equipped with eight colors printing is less than 18 meters.

3. Air cylinder locked ink tray, much easier and quicker change. Separated Anilox with ink pan.

4. Press is equipped with preregistration/ auto registration/ advanced tension control device. Change operating speed will not affect registration. There is no waste during jogging and all the way up to production speed.

5. The servo control printing impression & Lateral registration by the motor is an option, set up quickly.

6. The sleeve plat cylinder lock by cone, set up quickly, durable & keep roundness. 12-micron film and 400g paper is viable